About us

De Lange Autotransport is a small company specialized in the international transport of vintage and exclusive vehicles. Your vehicles are in good hands, and we treat your vehicle with care. During transport your vehicles are properly insured. We arranged a special and exclusive vintage vehicles insurance to our policies with our insurance company.

Through our extensive know-how in this area is a safe and secure transportation of your vehicle always guaranteed. For special solo transports tailored to exclusive vehicles, we have a closed, gps traceable trailer. The trailer and the towing vehicle are not aware with advertising texts. This allows your vehicle to be transported discreetly, and the chance of theft is decreased to a minimum.

For the transport of larger numbers of vehicles, for example classic rallies, we have a truck that can carry up to 10 cars. For the transport of large parties we work with a number of trusted and highly skilled drivers.

Our business strategy is purely focused on quality, not quantity!